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About Imophoron

Imophoron has developed a new class of synthetic vaccine.

This new class consists of a large, genetically engineered protein that mimics the structure of a virus. ADDomer is a nanoparticle platform that is a self-assembling, thermotolerant protein, which permits rapid insertion of potentially hundreds of peptide and protein epitopes in each particle. The flexibility to design multi-epitope particles, with up to 240 epitope copies, allows for small therapeutic doses of highly immunogenic vaccines.

Imophoron has achieved the development of ADDomer through the combination of cutting-edge cryo-electron microscopy, at near-atomic resolution, and the implementation of novel, cost-effective, high performance cloud computing. This has resulted in Imophoron being able to reveal ADDomer’ s architectural features in unprecedented detail.

Imophoron is focusing on three infectious diseases and is advancing its lead project into pre-clinical development. Imophoron is also developing the ADDomer™ platform outside of vaccines where it has significant potential as a novel biological platform to generate therapeutic candidates outside of infections diseases.

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