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Imophoron and eXmoor pharma enter process development partnership

Imophoron announces a strategic process development partnership with eXmoor pharma for its ADDomer™ RSV vaccine candidate

                                                                                                                                                                           February 2023

Imophoron appoints Richard Bungay as Chief Executive Officer with Founding CEO Fred Garzoni to become Chief Scientific Officer

Imophoron appoints Richard Bungay as Chief Executive Officer with Founding CEO Fred Garzoni to become Chief Scientific Officer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             November 2022

Imophoron announces the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board


Imophoron co-founders, Fred Garzoni and Imre Berger announce the establishment of the company's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB consists of internationally renowned experts in the vaccine industry, public health and policymaking.

June 2022

Imophoron Co-founder, Imre Berger, elected as a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences


Imre Berger, Co-founder of Imophoron, Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry and Director of Bristol’s Max Planck Centre for Minimal Biology has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci)  for his outstanding contributions to biomedical science and notable discoveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 2022

Imophoron CEO among the Franco-British Young Leaders 2022 cohort


Imophoron CEO, Fred Garzoni, is announced as among the 2022 Franco-British Young Leader cohort. Discover what the  role and mission of the Franco-British Young Leaders is and the impact they hope to have on business relations.

February 2022

5 questions to Frederic Garzoni, CEO and co-founder of Imophoron

Insight into Imophoron's CEO, Fred Garzoni, and his journey as an entrepreneur and his vision between French and UK start-up ecosystem. Written by Arthur Belaud, Deputy Attaché for Science and Innovation Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department at the French Embassy in London.

February 2022

Next-Gen Covid-19 Vaccines and Drugs Crowd into Late-Stage Trials

Imophoron's CEO Fred Garzoni and Jonathan Hare,  Head of Immunology, discuss the vaccine and treatment pipeline for COVID 19 and what the future holds for Imophoron.

February 2022

Science Creates Pioneers: Frédéric Garzoni and his Vaccine Voyage

The Science Creates team interviews Imophoron's CEO, Fred Garzoni, to gain insight into his journey as an entrepreneur and how he brought the concept of his company from France and made it a reality in Bristol. 

January 2022

Imophoron raises GBP 4 million funding for rapid vaccine development 

Imophoron, the developer of a novel, next generation rapid-response vaccine platform, ADDomer(TM), to combat present and future infectious diseases, announces it has secured GBP 4 million in an oversubscribed fundraising round.

October 2021

Vaccine Pioneers Imophoron Close £4m Investment Round with Science Creates Ventures

Press release to announce Imophoron successfully securing £4m investment.

October 2021

South West 2021 42 under 42 Members

Fred Garzoni, CEO of Imophoron, is listed as one of 42 profiles of young entrepreneurs and business leaders under 42 years old in the south west of England one Insidermedia's ones to watch list. 

January 2021

The Top 32 ‘Business Heroes’ of COVID-19 

Business Leader journal nominate the top 32 'business heroes' of COVID-19 which features Imophoron's Fred Garzoni and co-founder Imre Berger. 

July 2020

Scientists Find An Avenue To Attack The Coronavirus, Aided By Cloud Imaging

Shedding light on Imphoron's work on the Spike protein of SARS-CoV2 which was published in Science, in collaboration with Oracle. 

September 2020

Why finding new vaccines is a high-tech challenge

Technology of Business Editor at the BBC interviews Imophoron's CEO, Fred Garzoni, to discuss how high-level technology is changing the landscape of vaccine manufacturing. 

December 2019

As Tropical Viruses Creep Northward, Visualizing a Potential New Vaccine

Highlighting Imophoron's work on the ADDomer platform and how this ground-breaking technology may change the vaccine world.

September 2019

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