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Imophoron Announces Publication of Scientific Paper Highlighting the use of ADDobody Scaffold as a New Nanobody Platform



BRISTOL, UK – 15 January 2024 – Imophoron, a biopharmaceutical company developing thermostable nanoparticle vaccines using its ADDomer™ platform, announces the publication in Structure of a scientific research paper demonstrating the potential to expand the scope of therapeutic applications for ADDomer, with the engineering of a new synthetic nanobody called ADDobody™.

The paper, titled "Engineering the ADDobody protein scaffold for generation of high-avidity ADDomer super-binders”, provides a basis for the generation of nanobodies for efficient detection, binding, and neutralisation of diverse pathogenic or toxic targets, such as snake venom. This programme, carried out in collaboration with the University of Bristol, combined synthetic and structural biology methods with selection using ribosome display to produce and validate customisable, fully synthetic, high-avidity super-binders.

Fred Garzoni, Chief Scientific Officer of Imophoron, commented: “This important paper exemplifies the use of Imophoron’s patented ADDobody super-binder technology to develop novel new treatments where new and better therapeutics are needed, and represents a significant milestone for our team of world-class scientists.”

Richard Bungay, Chief Executive of Imophoron, commented: “This publication, in collaboration with the excellent team at the University of Bristol, highlights the significant potential of the ADDobody technology in the development of innovative next-generation therapeutics in areas of high unmet medical need.” 

The paper can be downloaded at Engineering the ADDobody protein scaffold for generation of high-avidity ADDomer super-binders - ScienceDirect

For further information, please visit or contact: 
Richard Bungay, Chief Executive Officer


About Imophoron
Imophoron was founded in 2017 and has developed a thermostable nanoparticle platform, ADDomer, a disruptive technology for the development of vaccines. The ADDomer platform is focused initially on the development of vaccines to combat present and future infectious diseases, and also has significant potential to treat diseases with high unmet needs such as oncology. The ADDomer platform is based on a self-assembling thermotolerant protein that permits rapid insertion of large numbers of epitopes in a single particle. Imophoron is building a pipeline of thermostable, nanoparticle ADDomer vaccines, including multivalent approaches, to address critical medical challenges that impact communities worldwide.

Imophoron has also developed a novel nanobody super-binder platform, ADDobody, which has a broad range of potential applications across multiple therapeutic areas. 

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